The Project

Sometimes to move forward with purpose, we must listen to the voices of our collective past, listen to the backdrop of lessons provided by history, and bring the best of these learnings with us into our future. That is what the Thankful Generations Project is intended to do.

I personally want to show respect and appreciation for former and current military personnel and their families, and to thank them for securing and maintaining the freedoms and privileges we enjoy. My demonstration of gratitude is being accomplished through the creation of an inspiring exhibit of Beaded Tapestries, and is a unique way to elevate this unusual art form to a higher level of expression.

I am choosing to focus first on WWII because, over the next several years living veterans from WWII will continue to pass on, and there is still time to express our appreciation directly to them and their families. Watching the Ken Burns WWII series on "The War" first caught my interest ( In fact my initial tapestry is based on a National Archives photo of Marines in Saipan in 1944 that I first saw in Burns' series. Looking at the eyes of this Marine draws me in, it speaks of sacrifice. When I discovered that in the full picture he is actually one of four stretcher bearers carrying a fallen comrade, the depth of my feelings magnified and prompted me to take action.

By using the non-traditional venue of bead tapestry, I hope to engage members of all generations, to intrigue people enough to visit the exhibit and join in the dialogue. Ultimately, I hope to promote renewed opportunities for dialogue across generations that can give context to what is happening in our contemporary world.

Initially, this exhibit will be virtual via this website, but as the number of completed pieces grows, I will be seeking venues to display this important work. This is a labor of love for me, and I expect to complete two dozen tapestries over several years, with a target date for completion of December 2020, the 75th year marking the end of WWII. 

© Maureen Kenney 2017